About Us

Sprinkle Bookstore is nothing short of a God Send for upcoming, new authors. Through our Publishing company and various relationships with our community, we can feature your book in our online bookstore. We encourage you to take a browse and get what you need. We know you'll be glad you came.

Our Story

Dr. Sprinkle was compelled to tell her story to encourage others to have hope in the midst of their own debilitating circumstances. Because her story is so sensitive and she has precious family members to respect, The Dawning of an Ebony Princess is written with her pseudonym, Celia C. Canterbury. Reading her book may create a longing in your heart to be released from situations in your past that might possibly make life extremely challenging. Therefore, a companion, The Dawning of an Ebony Princess Workbook, is available. Over the years, Pastor Sprinkle has been catapulted into a deeper relationship with Father by keeping an ongoing journal. Revisiting those pages allowed her to recognize when and how the Lord answered her prayers. To make this process easier for you My Prayer Journal can be ordered.

Through this process, many books came. The next step was getting them out to the masses. That's when Sprinkle Bookstore was birthed. Our bookstore, though started through humble beginnings, is large in vision. We are thankful to our Father, God for the opportunity to sow seed into the lives of our online friends and family.